Weekly Japanese Sales Charts Update
07.21.03 - 2:21 AM

The fact that the No.1 title in the charts, Nintendo's Super Mario Advance 4, only managed to sell more than 100,000 copies this week, should prove that this was a rather slow week again. Another Nintendo title, the GameBoy Advance version of Mother 1 and 2 climbed to spot 3 from 5, selling 24,613 copies for a total of 217,768 copies. Square Enix's Hanjuku Eiyuu Tai 3D (Hanjuku Hero VS 3D) for PlayStation 2 fell from spot 6 to 8, selling 13,004 copies this week and a total of 131,453 since its June 26th release. Koei's PlayStation 2 title Shinsangoku Senki 2 (Dynasty Tactics 2) dropped to spot 11, adding 7,636 copies to its total of 48,597 copies. Pokemon Sapphire gained some ground to reach spot 12 this week, selling 7,518 copies (for a total of 2,235,898 copies). Pokemon Ruby on the other hand remained at spot 15, having sold 6,509 copies (for a total of 2,176,988 copies). Pokemon Box Ruby and Sapphire for GameCube slipped to spot 22, selling 4,420 copies this week and a total of 141,664 copies. By selling 3,397 copies, Square Enix's Dragon Quest Monsters Caravan Heart for the GameBoy Advance climbed back to spot 29 and brought its total to 549,195 copies. Gust's PlayStation 2 RPG Viorate no Atelier: The Alchemist of Gramnat 2 fell from spot 18 to 31, adding 3,347 copies to its total of 40,686 copies. Nintendo's Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken remained unchanged at spot 32. The GBA strategy RPG sold 3,325 copies this week for a total of 230,189 copies. Koei's Nobunaga's Ambition Online for PlayStation 2 lost some ground and came in on spot 36, after having sold 2,586 copies this week and a total of 35,916 copies. At spot 44, Marvelous Entertainment's Bokujou Monogatari Mineral Town no Nakamatachi (Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town) sold 2,211 copies for a total of 87,450 copies. By selling 2,064 copies this week and a total of 132,838 copies, Capcom's Rockman EXE 3 Black for the GBA slipped from spot 43 to 45. Konami's Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters 8 re-entered the charts at spot 48, selling 1,830 copies this week and a total of 121,444 copies. Square Enix's PlayStation 2 RPG Final Fantasy X-2 added 1,761 copies to its grand total of 1,974,367 copies, thereby reaching spot 50.

Chris Winkler