Xenosaga Episode I Reloaded Details Released
07.18.03 - 4:55 PM

Namco has released a couple of new tidbits regarding Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille Zur Macht - Reloaded. The game, which is based on the US version of Episode I will feature English voice acting and Japanese subtitles. Some scenes (like the disturbing scene involving MOMO and Albedo, which was edited for the US release) have been changed or added. Furthermore, the development team is implementing new content, such as alternative costumes for KOS-MOS and MOMO. A new theater mode will allow for the player to watch the game's event scenes again upon completing the game once. As previously announced, Reloaded will ship with a DVD video disc containing a Xenosaga Episode II trailer.

Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille Zur Macht - Reloaded will be available on November 6th for 4,800 yen (40.41USD).

Chris Winkler