Square Enix to Release Dragon Quest TV Toy
07.05.03 - 9:45 PM

Square Enix has announced Kenshin Dragon Quest Yomikaerishi Densetsu no Tsurugi, which is described by the company as a new type of toy. Based on Shinsedai's XaviX technology the set comes with a sword, which will serve as a controller, a main unit formed like a coat-of-arms, a memory card named Adventure Book and an AV cable. After connecting the main unit to a TV set, the game is playable without any additional costly console hardware. The game's scenario and game design was done by none other than Dragon Quest mastermind Yuuji Horii, who was once again re-united with composer Kouichi Sugiyama and character designer Akira Toriyama for this project.

Kenshin Dragon Quest Yomikaerishi Densetsu no Tsurugi will be available in Japan on September 19th for 6,980 yen (59.07USD).


Chris Winkler