Unlimited SaGa Enters the Charts at Spot 3

Square's recent PlayStation 2 RPG Unlimited SaGa, which was released on December 19th, has entered the Japanese charts at spot 3 right behind Nintendo's Pokemon Sapphire and Ruby, which jumped back to the two top spots. Unlimited SaGa sold 196,471 copies. The two GameBoy Advance Pokemon games sold another 225,735 and 222,836 copies respectively to bring their totals to 1,391,612 and 1,349,297 copies. Shigeru Miyamoto's The Legend of Zelda: Kaze no Takuto (titled The Wind Waker in the US) dropped from position 1 to 4 selling another 102,614 copies this week to bring its total to 396,932 copies. Namco's PS2 RPG Tales of Destiny came in at spot 17, selling 33,539 copies for a grand total of 736,129 copies since its November 28th release. At spot 32, Level 5's PS2 RPG Dark Chronicle managed to sell another 15,367 copies to bring its total to 168,986 copies. The third volume of Bandai's .hack series dropped from spot 5 to 34 selling 13,588 copies (for a total of 112,559 copies). Enix's Dragon Quest gaiden,Torneko 3 came in on 45. The Chunsoft-developed game sold 8,485 copies this week and 494,224 since its October 31st release.

Banpresto's Super Robot Taisen Original Generation re-entered the top 50 by climbing from spot 54 to 47 selling 8,457 copies. It has sold a total of 159,123 copies so far in Japan.

12.26.02 - 11:08 PM
Chris Winkler