New Titles To Join Sega Budget Series

Sega has released a list highlighting the newest additions to its low budget Dorikore series as well as the top requests by players. On March 6th 2003, Yu Suzuki's Shenmue 2, Napple Tale - Arsia in Daydream, Kid's Yume no Tsubasa and Tentama, as well as Gainax's Princess Mega Collection, for Dreamcast will be re-released at a price of 2,800 yen (23.28USD) each.

Other titles, which players would like to see join the Dorikore series, are Chunsoft's Fuurai no Shiren Gaiden Jokenshi Asuka Mimai and NEC Interchannel's AIR.

12.26.02 - 10:57 PM
Chris Winkler