Final Fantasy X-2 New Media and Tidbits

Square has unveiled more information and media on its upcoming FFX spin-off, Final Fantasy X-2, to release on March 13th in Japan. New pictures and tidbits about the game's third heroine Paine (official spelling) have been disclosed.

Paine is a member of the Seagull group (Kamome dan) and is described as a cool, beautiful warrior who can also speak the Al Bhed language. Her joining the Seagull group apparently has to do with something that happened in her past. Her weapon is a big two-handed sword. As previously announced, returning characters Lulu and Wakka are now married and Lulu is pregnant with Wakka's child.

New pieces of artwork (including Paine illustrations), 8 new screen shots along with 6 new wallpaper designs are available in our pictures section.

12.25.02 - 11:05 AM
Eve C.