Fresh Star Ocean: Till The End of Time Story Details

New information regarding the story and setting of Enix's highly-anticipated PlayStation 2 RPG Star Ocean: Till The End of Time has surfaced. During their journey, Fate and company will end up on a planet dominated by the kingdoms of Aligliv and Shihaz. The former is a military kingdom located in a moutainous region. It possess three famous military units: cavalry on horse, heavy cavalry and an assault division.

The religious kingdom of Shihaz, whose people believe in the religion of Apris, relies on its fertile ground and is called the Kingdom of the Sages. Against all odds, the two kingdoms have co-existed in harmony until one day, Aligliv's armed forces invaded Shihaz. Now both countries are in a constant state of war and it's up to Fate and his friends to end these hostilities.

Star Ocean: Till The End of Time will be released in Japan sometime in February 2003 at a retail price of 7,800 yen (63.13USD).

12.07.02 - 9:21 PM
Chris Winkler