Tales of Destiny 2 Tops Japanese Sales Charts

Namco's PlayStation 2 RPG Tales of Destiny 2 easily clinched the top spot of the weekly sales charts in Japan by selling a total of 558,763 copies. The latest Pokémon installments, Ruby and Sapphire for GameBoy Advance, slipped from positions one and two last week to spots No. 3 and 4 this week, but still managed to sell 180,255 and 176,586 copies respectively (bringing their totals to 852,570 and 877,078 copies respectively).

Level 5's PS2 RPG Dark Chronicle entered the charts at spot 6 selling 98,423 copies since its November 28th release. Banpresto's Super Robot Taisen Original Generation for GBA dropped out of the Top 10, selling 22,983 copies (bringing its total to 138,992 sold copies). Enix's Dragon Quest gaiden Torneko 3 is closing in on the 500,000 mark, by selling another 17,426 copies this week and 468,777 since its October 31st release. Kid's adventure game Omoida Ni Kawaru Kimi - Memories Off for PS2 sold 16,980 and thereby entered the charts at spot 16. One place behind Memories Off is Capcom's Breath of Fire V - Dragon Quarter, which sold 11,072 copies for a total of 116,234.

Square's PlayStation One remakes of Final Fantasy I and II ended up in spots 26 and 20 respectively. Final Fantasy II still continues to outsell its predecessor and with another 9,429 sold copies this week has reached a total of 124,870 copies. Final Fantasy I sold 7,630 copies for a total of 119,833.

12.06.02 - 4:33 PM
Chris Winkler