Sega DC Budget Series Updated

Sega's Dorikore budget series of Dreamcast games has received five additions. The five games listed below will be re-released on October 31st:

Black/Matrix Advanced, Simulation RPG, NEC Interchannel, 2,900yen (23.33USD)
Mercurius Pretty -end of the century, Simulation Adventure, NEC Interchannel, 2,800yen (22.53USD)
Memories Off Complete, Adventure, Kid, 2,800yen (22.53USD)
21 -Two One-, Adventure, Princess Soft, 2,800yen (22.53USD)
D+Vine [LUV], Action RPG, Princess Soft, 2,800yen (22.53USD)

10.27.02 - 12:01 AM
Chris Winkler