PlayStation Awards Ceremony Held in Japan

At a ceremony in Tokyo today, the winners of the annual PlayStation Awards for the most popular and best selling games of the last 12 months were announced. The big winner was not-so-surprisingly Square's Final Fantasy X, which easily claimed the award for the best selling game of the year by reaching double platinum (having sold more than 2 million copies).

Furthermore, the tenth Final Fantasy installment received the award for the best game, as voted by users, retailers and media.

Enix's PlayStation remake of the Famicom classic Dragon Quest IV received a platinum award for selling more than one million copies.

Square's second successful title of the last 12 months, Kingdom Hearts, received a gold award for selling more than 500,000 copies, just like Banpresto's Super Robot Taisen Impact.

06.06.02 - 2:14 PM
Professor Gast