Depth Fantasia News Update

On the official Depth Fantasia website, you can now register for the game's beta test that is due to start in October.

Also, Enix has posted some new information on the game. Battles will be fought in real-time, with the player having magic, various skill chains and charged attacks at his or her disposal. A total
of 130 skills is available to the player; obtaining them depends on what kind of jobs you choose.

By neglecting your defense for some time, you can charge attack power and after a certain period of time, unleash a powerful attack upon your enemy. Even more effective are the so-called chain attacks. They are similar to the ones of Square's Vagrant Story, yet in Depth Fantasia they are not only limited to one party member. With the right timing provided, it's possible to defeat your opposition in a single turn. In case you are tired of beating up computer controlled monsters,
you can opt for a duel to fight your fellow party members and/or raise your stats.

Life Gems, the all-mighty magic stones of Depth Fantasia, seem to fit in weapon's slots, similar to Final Fantasy VII's materia pieces. Just as a reminder, Life Gems raise your weapons'stats. The number of slots obviously differs from weapon to weapon. Last but not least, no RPG is without item stores. Depth Fantasia's version of them are called auctions. Here you can buy and sell armor, weapons etc. Pretty familiar stuff.

09.16.01 - 5:21 PM
Professor Gast