A Day of Mourning

My sincerest condolences to all the families that have been devastated in this incident... if I can feel this much hatred, without having lost any loved ones, I cannot imagine the amount of grief those afflicted are feeling. I can't help but think of all the children who are now parentless, who will grow up with anger and a thirst for vengeance...

May God have mercy on us all. - Jason Walton (Parn)

I feel awful for the horrific events that have taken place today. As the families are dealing with the loss of loved ones, I'd like to send out my prayers to those who are in need. My heart goes out to you. - Lucy Rzeminski (Chudah)

Waking up this morning, I never expected to see what I did. I heard my mom talking on the phone about something, so I turned on the news. What happened today in both New York and Washington DC is unbelievable. I've seen the footage of the buildings going down countless times this morning, and I still can't get over it. I've never seen such a sight, outside of movies and video games. I've never seen anything of this magnitude in my lifetime, or expected to. How anyone can hate America so much to not only cause that much destruction, but also kill so many innocent people, I just can't understand. My prayers go out to all those involved, and their families and friends. - Michael Salbato (Chronologist)

I'm not one to cry easily, but when my mom called me in the early morning and described these events to me I just wanted to sit around and bawl. Seeing all this unfold on CCN was even worse. How someone, or some people, could be so inhuman as to endanger literally thousands and thousands of lives and have that much hate is beyond me. As a non-American, I can tell you this day has affected the world just as much as it has affected the US. My most sincere condolences and prayers to the families, friends, etc. whose loved ones who were killed, hurt and involved in today's tragedies. - Liz Maas (Schala)

My heart goes out to the victims of this horrible calamity, to their friends and families, and to all of my fellow residents and citizens of the United States of America. In today's society, it's all too easy to forget how vulnerable we all are, and it's truly tragic that a disaster like this can occur and remind us of our fragility. I myself have loved ones in New York City whom I have been unable to reach since this catastrophe struck; I can understand how many of you must feel right now. Let us pull together and pray for each other. - Ken Chu (Commodore Wheeler)

I'd just like to say that I send my prayers to all those that suffered in this awful tragedy. This hasn't affected just the United States, but the entire world. Now is the time to pull together with the human race and get through this awful tragedy. - Eric Malenfant (Citan Uzuki)

While I'm not American, I was shocked by the terrible tragedy the entire world saw today, and I mourn what the nation has been afflicted with. I would like to express my sincere condolence to the families of the victims, and may the ones who haven't been able to get in touch with their friends and families get good news in the next few hours. In these painful hours, let's rejoice that we're still alive, and do everything we can, not to let this happen again. This tragedy affected not only the US, but the whole world as well.

Oh, and remember to donate your blood if you have a chance to... - Feena

I watched in horror today as two planes crashed into the World Trade Center in NYC. Emotion overcame me... mixed with anger. How can someone kill innocent people like this? Is that much hate and contempt worth lives? Life is so incredibly precious... we're only on this earth for a short time and we have the choice of making the most of it. My prayers are with everyone... people involved in this crash and everyone effected by this crash, because it's not only people in NYC, or people in the US; people all over the world are affected by this, and I can't believe countries would celebrate at our loss. Evil exists in many forms though and we're never completely safe. We can only hope that justice will be found, and we can take the proper precautions to avoid a tragedy like this in the future. - Nicole Kirk (Sumire Kanzaki)

I woke up today at about 5 EST - a housemate had earlier woken me up to tell me what had happened, but half-asleep, I'd thought he was joking. I've spent the last hours going through everything that happened, and the only thing I can think is that it seems so unreal, even more so for the ocean in the way. To everyone in the US, here's hoping your loved ones are okay. - Alan Knight (TSG)

It's hard to think that something like this could happen because as humans we tend to disassociate ourselves with events not directly affecting us. Now that we see and feel what can happen, we're shell-shocked. Living in the close vicinity of NYC, I can only tell you that this has torn me up as much as it has most others out there. I am disgusted by this act and my heart goes out to all those whose mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers will not be coming home tonight. God only knows what will come of this, but let us hope justice is served... because that's the only thing we can do now. - Robert Bogdanowicz (Bahamut)

Today was a day that should not, and cannot, ever be forgotten. Today was a day that took the lives of literally thousands. Each and every family who lost a member has suffered greatly, and they are the greatest victims. They are not the only victims. Today's assault proved just how fragile our lives really are. There is no definite shelter anymore. No words can change what happened, and I wouldn't be surprised if things continued tomorrow or the day after or the day after. If you have lost a family member or friend, I pray for you and hope that you can recover. If not, please help out those who have if you can. We need to support one another in this time. I can only hope that this is the end of this horror.- Andrew DeMario (Dancin' Homer)

I don't understand this.

I am angry that somewhere out there is a man who plotted the murder of thousands of innocents, simply because they are American. Someone so profoundly evil that he would send his own men on a suicide mission to do his dirty work. Someone who is watching the news right now and smiling. I cannot even imagine what sort of person could pull this off. I've only read about that kind of evil.

I think what saddens me almost as much as the immense death-toll suffered by New York and DC, is the truth that there are people out there who hate America enough to sacrifice themselves to cause us pain. I cannot, as angry as I am, understand such an all-encompassing hatred. I don't want to. It's sick.

To the brave men and women who risked their lives, and are even now fighting to save the innumerable victims of these sickening attacks, God bless you. To the people attempting to deal with the anguish caused by the loss of loved ones, or personal injury, I do not even attempt to understand your pain.

I have to stop now, before I say something I regret. There's no way to fix this horror. I can only hope for justice. - Meg Olson (grey-san)

I think it's inhuman and completely cowardly, what has happened in America. Being a Canadian, I'm very close to the incident, and I have friends who are Americans, and I feel for what they're going through. This is a day that will live in infamy, not only for Americans but for all humanity that has a shred of righteous decency within it. My sympathy and condolences to all who have been affected by this; my prayers are with you. - Mark Tjan (Hidoshi)

I'd like to extend my deepest sympathy and prayers to the families of the victims of the attacks today on the WTC and the Pentagon. Being someone who also lost someone in these attacks today, I can only promise that time heals all. The pain of loss never leaves, but day by day it decreases, and eventually the memories which once brought pain bring a smile to your face. - Robert Marini (WiseQuark)

I can't really express the true depth of what I feel, as a New Jersey resident who loved New York City, as an American citizen who loves his country, and as a human being who loves his fellow human beings. The tragedy today was unprecedented, the consequences still not fully known. What is known, however, is that many lives were lost today, and many people, live human beings, were killed. During this tragedy, heroism was shown, and bravery arose from the most unlikely places. We saw the worst of humanity followed by the best of it.

Many individuals and families have now seen the face of terror; that it can reach us, personally and painfully. My sympathies go out to all those whose lives have been touched by this most evil of attacks, and at the same time, I ask that you do not simply hold hatred in your heart, but also forgiveness, as difficult as it may be. We at RPGFan are united in giving our sympathies and prayers to those who need it most in this time. Good luck and God bless. - Damian Thomas (Sensei Phoenix)


09.11.01 - 7:02 PM
Sensei Phoenix