Fan Fiction Update

Top o' the mornin' to ye, fine fan fic reading public! Dancin' Homer here, and I'm sad to announce that this is my final update for ya. Strangely enough though, it's an update unlike any other, in that we only have one Final Fantasy fic today! A truly remarkable miracle to see me off, so wipe off those tears and let's get to the fan fics!

Last update, I said that I'd finish posting reader Batgirl's Predestined as well as reader Zeifam's Hate of the Future, both of which are Final Fantasy VIII fics. However, due to some rather icky business that I don't want to get into, I won't be able to finish up Zeifam's. Feel free to read that other tale of Squall and friends by clicking here though.

Now, on to the new business. New reader Gunner brings us his Breath of Fire II fic Barubary. It's a look at the final battle from Katt's point of view, so if you don't mind a major spoiler, give it a looksee by clicking here.

Next up is a rare sight indeed; an editor fic! Our new music gal Chudah brings us her Legend of Mana fic Invisible Tears. It's a well-written piece on two of the game's more interesting characters, so do her a favor and give it a glance here... or else...

And now, for my final trick, we have a Star Ocean 2 fic of the sequel variety. Reader Paul Beaudoin brings us 2001: Another Star Odyssey (Home Again), a fic earning the prestigious honor of having the most syllables in the title of all the fics on the site! Anyway, if you want some cheap laughs, click here and make the guy feel appreciated.

Ahh, it's been an interesting year. So many fics crossed my mail box; some good, some bad, some... well, really bad. Anyway, to those of you who wrote the good ones, thanks for your help. I wouldn't have had a job without you. And to those who read the fics, I hope you had a good time, and I hope my replacement manages to entertain you even better. Not that it's very likely though :P.

Anyway, I hereby pass on my hallowed title to my replacement, WiseQuark. It is now his sacred duty to uphold the sacred tenants of the site, ensure maximum fan fic quality, yada yada yada. In conclusion, I propose a toast to Corky here. May his mail box be conveniently full, may his spell check be wise and true, and may his reign be long and generally spiffy!

I'm still keeping my crown though.


08.30.01 - 12:47 PM
Dancin' Homer