Fan Fiction Update

Pura Vida everybody! Pura Vida! I'm still not sure what that means, but it sounds cool. Anyway, hiya folks, it's great to be back from beautiful Costa Rica. During my two weeks in that tourist trap/Utopia, I fell off a horse, a white water raft, a cliff, got to meet exotic people and eat exotic foods (or was it the other way around?), played with poison dart frogs, smashed spiders, and basically just had a great time. However, that's over with, so let's get down to business.

First off in our collection of fan fics we have the updates. We've added a chapter 3 to both Zeifam's Final Fantasy VIII fic Hate of the Future and Kyuohki's Chrono Trigger fic Changing Fates. Both are shaping up nicely so read them by clicking here and here.

Next up, we have a collection of shorties. Reader Serra brings us an interesting Final Fantasy VIII fic entitled Resolution, starring everyone's favorite time manipulator Ellone. Click here to read it. Following that, readers Phoenix Aren, Jean and Seth Longland bring us a pair of Final Fantasy VII fics entitled Death Penalty and Terra de Noctum. One has a whiny brat who gets what's coming to her. One has a nearly poetic feel to it. Both can be reached by clicking on links in the next sentence. Click here and here for some chewy reading goodness.

If that hasn't satiated your endless thirst for fiction, we've still got more coming at you from a more retro source. First, reader Seth Longland brings us his second fic of the night, a gory Final Fantasy IV prequel entitled Wings of Red; Winds of Deceit. Click here unless you want to hurt this poor man's feelings. Following that, reader Weiila serves up her second story thus far as well: another Final Fantasy IV fic that starts exactly where the last one leaves off. Entitled Kain, it stars a certain mysterious hero whose identity you will never guess! Oh, and in case you couldn't tell, I was being sarcastic. Although it's only half complete, you can start reading it here.

Finally, to end the evening on a lighter note, a trio of readers named Platina, Takeru, and Staz bring us their Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete fic entitled Will You Marry Me? I just had to throw something in there for you mushy folks. Anyway, you can read it by clicking here.

Whew, well that's it for now. Expect completion of our unfinished fics soon, as well as plenty more updates where this came from. But remember, as soon as my mailbox hits the empty mark, my replacement is taking over. Until then though, this is Dancin' Homer, signin' out.

T - 13 e-mails until retirement.

P.S. - Don't see Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within folks. I can honestly say that Tomb Raider was better. And that's not something I can say easily.


07.21.01 - 4:36 PM
Dancin' Homer