Fan Fiction Revolution

Good evening everybody. Dancin' Homer here, back from the first half of my three week, two part vacation. Which only took one week. Don't ask me for the math on that, because I don't get it very well either. Anyway, if you would be so kind as to check, you'll notice that the entire fan fiction section has undergone a somewhat startling change that makes it fit a bit more into the whole feel of the site, and you'd all better like it. I'm not changing it back after all that work.

Now, as if that's not shocking enough, I also have come to a decision on something. I am quitting the fan fiction section. It's been a fun ride while it... Oh, let's be honest. It ate up every ounce of free time I could afford to spare :P Not only that, but my new job in the real world has added further constraints to my already bloated schedule. Plus I'm lazy. If you want more Dancin' Homer goodness, you can always read my reviews. However, I have one more duty to fulfill...

A good number of you have sent in fan fics lately that I have left unanswered. This cannot be allowed. Before I call it quits, I'm going to finish my vacation, and when I return, I shall find a massively swollen mailbox of literature waiting for me. And that shall be my final task as fan fic tyrant. If you want to write a fic, now is the time, because the MOMENT that I clear it out, the section is done until we get a new man for the job. Until then, this is Dancin' Homer, signin' out.

P.S. - If there are any RPGFans reading from Costa Rica, that's where I'll be. Good luck finding me though :)


07.02.01 - 6:19 PM
Dancin' Homer