Anarchy Online update

As posted several days ago, Anarchy Online hasn't had the smoothest launch.

One main problem was the lack of a secure registration server. This has since been addressed, and people registering their copies of Anarchy Online are now able to use an SSL encrypted website to transmit their payment information.

The disconnections that have become commonplace in Anarchy Online are still quite numerous, especially in the cities, where it can be very difficult to do anything. Martin Amor, lead programmer on Anarchy Online, posted the following on the official message boards earlier.

"We have had a rough start when launching Anarchy Online and I can understand that some of you are frustrated. Building MMORPGs is not an easy task and a lot of things can go wrong - no matter how hard we prepare and test. The sad thing is that this time it was on your expense - the players.

I would like to give an update of what we are working on and when you can expect to get a full-fledged game experience.

We have had several big problem the first 5 days; We had a random memory trashing bug, which was incredibly hard to find, we had some problems with the server infrastructure (loosing connection with each other) and we had problems with handling the huge amount of players trying to log into the game at the same time.

I am happy to say that most of these problems are now solved by the programming team. None of us have had much sleep since launch- but now we are finally seeing that light at the end of the tunnel. A lot of the crashing was fixed with server-patch 11.5.8.

We still have a few issues left. You will still experience drop-outs (server-lost) - you will suddenly not get any updates from the servers and all of our co-players will stand like statues. This is due to a bug with a handing thread on our server, and we are working very hard to fix it. We will have a patch out to fix this very soon.

Another big problem is not being able to teleport. The 11.5.8 patch contained code to prevent it from happening so often - but it's still a very big problem and a top priority for the team.

Other programmers are looking into the lag problem. Sometimes it will take 10-20 seconds before you can do an action, and that's also a problem on our side. A part of the code didn't scale well with that many players.

I am truly sorry that you had to get such a frustrating first meeting with Anarchy Online, and I thank you for being patient with us. We are doing everything we can."

RPGFan will continue to cover the state of Anarchy Online in future updates.

07.02.01 - 8:44 AM