Sakura Taisen 4, ST Online, ST GB2 Announced

Today at the Teikoku Hotel in Tokyo, Sega officially unveiled the Sakura Taisen animated movie and took the opportunity to announce no less than three more Sakura Taisen games! First up, Sakura Taisen Online (tentative title) should be released in December on the Dreamcast, as previously announced. No further information has been disclosed other than the genre: the game is an online theme park (!). It's the first title in the series to have online gaming features, and the game will supposedly be compatible with the PlayStation 2 to some extent, though the details on that have not been disclosed.

Secondly, Sakura Taisen GB 2: Thunderbolt Sakusen (Sakura Taisen GB2: Operation Thunderbolt) is announced on the GameBoy Color with a TBA release date.

And last but not least... Yes, it's ST4! Sakura Taisen 4: Koise yo otome (which roughly translates to Sakura Taisen 4: Maidens, fall in love!) will be released next spring, and on the Dreamcast! The game will feature all 13 girls from the Paris and Tokyo groups, and the player will be able to make his own "Oogami Kagekidan" picking some girls from the 13 characters. ST4 will be the last ST game on the Dreamcast, and probably one of the DC's last big titles. However, the game will be a Dreamcast exclusive; Hiroi Ouji, the series' director, still strongly believes in the DC's qualities and charisma. "We've decided to make the sequel on the DC after hearing the fans' enthusiast feedback after ST3's release", he explains. As for the story, Hiroi Ouji says "I'm going to live together with Akahori Satoru (the series' story writer) during a month to finish it". "Until ST3, the story had been organized by episodes, like an anime series' episodes. We're making something special for the continuity in ST4'".

Also, the Sakura Taisen PlayStation 2 ports have been announced for a 2002 release, although which titles are going to be ported remains unclear.

As for the movie, it will start showing on December 22nd in Japan, and its full title has been revealed to be Sakura Taisen: Katsudou Shashin (Sakura Taisen: The Moving Picture, simply). STFan... er... RPGFan will be sure to bring you more ST coverage as soon as new information emerges!

06.25.01 - 2:57 AM