Mega Man Battle Network Info and Media

As some editors were saying at E3, finally RPGFan can cover a Mega Man game! This game is quite different, though, for Mega Man Battle Network (MMBN) is, in essence, an RPG. Now, this is not what Mega Man fans might have been expecting, but Mega Man Battle Network shows that the series is still alive and kicking!

MMBN is set in the near future, where network crime, using computer viruses, is a huge problem. The game begins as you take control of Lan in his fifth-grade classroom. There, his teacher gives the students a lesson on virus busting, so that the students can protect themselves from the growing threat of the WWW cyber-terrorists. When Lan decides to hack into the network to battle these cyber-terrorists, he uses his “personal information terminal” or PET, who just happens to be Mega Man.EXE.

Battles in Mega Man Battle Network are fought in real time on three by three grids. Mega Man must avoid enemy attacks by moving horizontally or vertically on the grid, because he cannot jump. When battling, Mega Man can attack with his blaster or using the chips that he finds throughout the adventure. Chips are chosen at the beginning of every battle. Each chip has a card that shows the amount of damage it will do, and its letter type. You are only allowed to take one chip into battle with you; however, you can stack two of the same letter type and same kind of chips together.

Mega Man Battle Network will be released on the Game Boy Advance, and is slated for a September 2001 release in the US. To celebrate Mega Man’s venture into another genre, we have 5 screen shots and 8 pieces of art from MMBN. Stay tuned to RPGFan as we bring you more news and media for this exciting new Mega Man game!

Date Updated:
May 29th, 2001
Time Updated:
11:56 AM