14 Years of Square Music: 14 Soundtracks to Celebrate

Today's soundtracks feature some of the newest Square soundtracks, as well as some of the oldest. Just as a challenge to see if I can do it, today's update will list the soundtracks by order of release.

All Sounds of SaGa - The soundtrack for the first three games in the series (they being FF Legend 1-3 in America). Features a synth arranged track at the end. Released in late 1991. Reviewed by me.

Romancing SaGa OSV - Soundtrack to the fourth game in the SaGa series, released early 1992. Reviewed by me.

Secret of Mana OST - Domestic release of the Seiken Densetsu 2 OSV, released mid-1993. Reviewed by Sensei Phoenix.

Final Fantasy USA Mystic Quest OST - Now considered a very rare soundtrack, released September 1993. Reviewed by me.

Romancing SaGa 2 OSV - The fifth game in the SaGa series, released late 1993. Reviewed by me.

Final Fantasy III: Kefka's Domain - Domestic release of the Final Fantasy VI OST, released mid-1994. Reviewed by Sensei Phoenix.

Super Mario RPG OST - Combined efforts by Nintendo and Square make for one awesome soundtrack, released early 1996. Reviewed by Sensei Phoenix.

Parasite Eve OST - One of Yoko Shimomura's finest soundtracks, featuring techno beats and great piano work, released mid-1998. Reviewed by reader Chudah.

Racing Lagoon OST - Square's "Driving RPG", this soundtrack features great jazz/fusion work by Noriko Matsueda, released June 1999. Reviewed by me.

Dew Prism OST - Phenomenal synth soundtrack, released November 1999. Reviewed by reader Chudah.

Parasite Eve 2 OST - The not-so-impressive sequel by a different composer, released December 1999 (domestic print released in late 2000). Reviewed by reader Chudah.

Final Fantasy IX OST PLUS - The fifth disc of the OST, featuring only the Orchestrated work in the FMV sequences as well as bonus tracks, released December 2000. Reviewed by me.

Final Fantasy IX Piano Collections - Another great FF Piano from Square, released January 2001. Reviewed by me.

Final Fantasy Potion: Relaxin' with Final Fantasy - A compilation of FF III-VIII arranged and piano music, as well as one new bonus track, released February 2001. Reviewed by Sensei Phoenix.

There you go, all fourteen!

As part of my own sick, vain quest of soundtrack-reviewing-mania, I wish to have every Square RPG soundtrack reviewed. We are now VERY close. However, there are some things we need and we cannot do it alone. If you would like to, please consider writing and submitting reviews for the following soundtracks:
Final Fantasy IX Music Selection (the domestic release)
Romancing SaGa: La Romance
Front Mission 1-3 OSTs (or Alternative)
Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon Orchestra
Seiken Densetsu Sound Collection (will also take separate reviews of the OST and the arranged disc)
Secret of Mana + (the Seiken Densetsu 2&3 arranged CD)
Bahamut Lagoon OST

Help us on our quest!! Send an e-mail to me, Ramza, and we'll work something out, ok?

The next update will likely be a tribute to a composer update...either Yoko Kanno or Motoi Sakuraba (part 3)...we're not sure which one it will be. If it is Yoko Kanno, expect some OGC reviews!! ;)

Until then,

Date Updated:
March 23rd, 2001

Time Updated:
9:29 PM


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