Three Reader Reviews and an E-Book Review

Good afternoon review fans. I'm afraid the review business has been slow lately. It's probably due to the lack of ANY RPGs coming out over here, what we in the business call a "lull". It's ticking me off, but at least I have some reader reviews for you all, as well as a mini-review of an E-Book, a first for RPGFan. So let's get started.

Our first review is for PlayStation and it's of Capcom's Breath of Fire III. Yeah, it's a bit behind the times, what with Breath of Fire IV having already come out, but it's written by reader Locke, so it's worth the read. You can find it here.

Next up we've got a couple of Dreamcast reviews. The first is by reader Professor Guest, and it's of GameArts' Grandia II. Not bad at all, check it out here. We've also got a review of Sega's Skies of Arcadia from the contender in the chartreuse tights, Xeno3998. Ah, what you'd see if I left his reviews whole instead of brutally massacring them when I proof them. In any case, find the review here.

And finally I have my own mini-review of an E-book authored by James Gray. For those of you not acquainted with the concept of an E-book, it's a book published online that you can ready by "purchasing" it off the internet (paying a fee) and then downloading it.

Entitled "The Besitary to Modern Fantasy," Gray's E-book is a study of different creatures from modern fantasy such as TSR's Dungeons & Dragons, J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, and Enix's Dragon Quest series. Included are beasts such as slimes, wizards, dragons, and wearwolves. Gray traces their backgrounds in history, citing folklore as well as popular culture roots.

Most of the scholarship is good, and Gray does an adequate job with many of the beasts included, though the amount of coverage given varies greatly from creature to creature, and the full E-book only has a small cross-section of all the beasts in modern fantasy. I would have liked to see a more comprehensive an in-depth study, personally, but I got the E-book for free, so I can't complain. However, as far as it being worth the 3 dollars (which isn't that much money, really) I would only say so if it went to fund a larger study.

There is a short introduction to the E-book here and it is at least worth a read. If you're interested by it, you can purchase the entire E-book for download from First Print here.

Thanks to Mr. Gray for his work, and you can find his site devoted to Enix's Dragon Quest series here.

That's all for this time, folks. I want to see some more reviews, people. I'm fresh out as it is, so send them in.

Date Updated:
March 23rd, 2001

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12:39 PM

Sensei Phoenix

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