Tuesday's News Bits

Good news for retro gamers. Sega announced that they will be shipping the Sega Smash Pack separately on April 24th for $39.99. No need to buy a new Dreamcast to get this great collection anymore. For those not familiar with the Sega Smash Pack, it is a collection of 12 classic Sega games (mostly Genesis). Of most interest to us is the inclusion of the awesome Phantasy Star 2 and the original Shining Force. For those who don't know, here's a list of everything else included in the Smash Pack:

Altered Beast
Golden Axe
Revenge of Shinobi
Sega Swirl
Sonic the Hedgehog
Streets of Rage 2
Virtua Cop 2
Wrestle War

On a more depressing note, Sega of Japan's President, Isao Okawa, passed away last Friday at the age of 74. This is a big blow to Sega as Mr. Okawa was really dedicated to Sega and will be sorely missed. Some of his recent actions include donating $695 million dollars in order to help Sega pay off its huge debt and his involvement in Sega's recent switch to concentrate on the network and software business. Our deepest condolences goes to Mr. Okawa's family.

In PlayStation 2 news, Atlus of Japan is working on a sequel to Growlanser for Sony's mean black machine. Growlanser II will once again feature the artwork of Satoshi Urushihara so fans of the Langrisser series will surely be delighted. There is no word yet on a possible US release but we can always hope.

While on the subject of Atlus, it seems like we'll be seeing the recently announced Hoshigami: Ruining Blue Earth for the PlayStation at the upcoming E3 show. Another title to be shown at Atlus' booth is Wizardry for the PlayStation 2. Here's hoping for a surprise appearance and announcement of Growlanser II at E3 this year (*hint* *hint* Atlus).



Date Updated:
March 20th, 2001

Time Updated:
7:15 PM