Sakura Taisen 3 Update

With the release of Sakura Taisen 3: Is Paris Burning drawing nearer, Dreamcast fans in Japan are getting more excited as the game gets a lot of attention in the Japanese press, even in non-gaming magazines.

Latest issue of magazine Weekly Famitsuu's review of the game granted the Gold award to Sakura Taisen 3, with scores of 9, 8, 8, 9 for a total of 35/40 -- an excellent score. One of their grievances was the long loading time. Dreamcast Magazine on the other hand gave marks of 10, 9 and 9 to the game.

Here's a recap on the information that has emerged over the last few weeks:

  • The new battle system ARMS: Active Real-time Machine System. Strategy meetings before the fight will decide on the victory conditions and the battle style (focusing on defense, attck, etc). The game is as always turn-based, but the new ARMS gauge determines the actions you can take in one turn. Every action consumes some of the gauge, and when it's empty, the turn is over. Of course special attacks will consume more power than small hits.

  • After ST1 and 2's Kouma (Fallen Demons), the demons in this installment are the Joukijuu (Steam Monsters).

  • To replace the evening round, meal talk events have appeared. Oogami will be able to talk to the girls while having dinner (similarly to Grandia's dinner talks). Those conversations will have an influence on the game's plotline.

  • In addition to the normal LIPS (Live Interactive Picture System) and double LIPS, a new LIPS system has been added, the Analog LIPS, that allows a player to emphasize the strength of his reaction.

    We've previously presented to you the main characters info. Now the descriptions for the secondary characters have been revealed:

    Supporting cast

    Age 46
    Kagekidan Commander, director and owner of the Chattes Noires theater, Grand-Ma's duty is to protect and watch over Paris and its Kagekidan (flower assault group). Despite her sometimes cold behaviour, she cares deeply about the Paris flower assault group. Grand-Ma's voice is done by Aizawa Keiko.

    Mer Raison
    Age 19
    The secretary of the Chattes Noires theater. Studious but shy, Mer's personality (and name) are the exact opposite of her co-worker Ci's, even though the two of them make a match and seem to get along well. "Raison" means "reason". Mer is played by Kojima Sachiko.

    Ci Caprice
    Age 17
    The daydreaming and cheerful assistant of Grand-Ma. In contradiction with Mer's hobby of crafts, Ci's hobbies are bakery and going shopping. Ci is played by Kanai Mika.

    Grand-Ma's beloved cat, a cute 'watchcat' that likes to stay on Grand-Ma's lap. He's famous only for becoming attached to women, and having a high pride.

    Evil Cast

    Having animal appearences, the bad guys are riding machines ('steam monsters') named after musical genres (Nocturne, Prelude...).

    The name means "scissors". This evil rabbit, wearing a moustache and red glasses, is armed with a pair of giant scissors. His Steam monster is named "Prélude".

    A snake woman able to attack within a large range with her long arms. Her Steam monster's name is "Berceuse" (Lullaby).

    A lion character. Léon is proud and confident, as the king of animals should be. He rides the steam beast called "Marche" (March).

    Wearing a scorpion pattern on her body, this venomous woman controls a squad of scorpions. Her steam beast is "Nocturne".

    Masque de corbeau
    Always wearing a hat and black mask, this crow character is leader of the evil clan. His steam monster is Serenade, and his name means "crow mask".

    To conclude this ST3 update, we have new artwork, the official ad, new products, and the packaging.

    Also, if you haven't seen the Sakura Taisen 3 commercials yet, GameSpot Japan has posted them on a special page, along with the opening movie and a demo.


  • Date Updated:
    March 16th, 2001

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    3:09 PM