Three New Editor Reviews and Stats

Evening review folk. The old firebird has been branching out as of late, doing news, soundtrack reviews, even editorials! But that's won't stop me from bringing all of you the goods you crave, and this update is chock full of them. Not only do we have three editor reviews but I've also got a special for ya: the first ever review tally! Yes, that's right, I'm gonna tell you all who the most prolific editors and readers are, when it comes to the review section. But I gab too much, let's begin.

We've got a cavalcade of reviews from unsatisfied editors, the first of which is Tortolia's review of a little console to PC port by T&E Soft, entitled Blaze&Blade. Tort really rips this game a new one, but does it with a surprising wit that left me grinning. Check it out here.

Next up we've got a review from a very frowny-faced Dancin' Homer of a brand-spankin' new PlayStation 2 game from Konami, Shadow of Destiny. Another ouch goes out to this, our second PlayStation 2 review, and to Konami, as you'll understand after reading the review here.

But so what if the PS2 isn't doing super in the RPG department? Some people, such as contributing editor Elfshadow, remember baddies on the Genesis, as he explains in his first ever review, Masaya's Warsong. Though the game fares a bit better than the previous two games did, Elfshadow pulls no punches when rating Masaya's American only-child, as you can see here.

Yet, though it is a sad day in reviewland, it is also a time for rejoicing and celebration! It took me the whole night, but I compiled a list of those readers and editors who have contributed the most reviews to RPGFan. I'm going to post the top 5 in each catagory starting with editors:

5. Musashi with 18 reviews. The original major contributor to the retro review files, Musashi covered Genesis, Super NES, NES, and even GameGear in his tenure here. Though he's gone now, his work will always have a place at the 'Fan.

4. EsquE with 21 reviews. Though he's been gone for quite some time, his legacy lives on in his work. A big contributor of PlayStation reviews through the early years of LunarNET and RPGFan, we were glad to have him with us.

3. Tortolia with 23 reviews. Our biggest source of PC reviews to date, as well as the producer of some fantastic Dreamcast and PlayStation reviews, the quality of his work is beyond reproach.

2. Dancin' Homer with 35 reviews total. With reviews for quite a few consoles, including the N64, PC, SNES, and so far the only contributor of PS2 reviews, his versatility is phenomenal.

1. Commodore Wheeler with 61 reviews total. Not a surprise to me, but it just goes to show how much work he's put into the site over the years. Mixing quantity with outstanding quality, CW delivers big time. Congrats!

If you're wondering about your old buddy SP, I've got 17 reviews under my belt (so close!) but give me a few days and I'll be at least tied for fifth. I'll make it someday, I promise!

As for the readers, well let's just say there are a lot of ties:

5. TIE: Drexle and Locke with 4 reviews each (though Locke's about to blast ahead next update)

4. TIE: Dragonmaster Dan and Enygma with 5 reviews each.

3. TIE: Xeno3998, WolfSamurai (DW 1-4 baby), and Patra share the tertiary spot with 6 reviews each.

2. TIE: Khaos512, Abe, Sl0th, and Jeremy Moore (almost all our SMS reviews with him) have 7 reviews apiece.

1. Jeremy Tan with 19 reviews! Far and away the most prolific reader reviewer out there, though we haven't heard anything from him in quite some time. Regardless, Kudos guy.

Well that wraps it up for this update fans. I hope you liked my little tally rally, and give me feedback as to whether or not you'd like me to keep doing this on a regular basis (once a month perhaps). Till next time, keep on sending in those reviews, and I'll keep posting them.

Date Updated:
March 14th, 2001

Time Updated:
8:29 PM

Sensei Phoenix