Icewind Dale Expansion Information

The expansion pack to Interplay and Black Isle Studios' popular RPG, Icewind Dale, has been released.

Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter adds plenty for gamers to discover, including 5 new main areas, almost 60 new spells, 20 new monsters and NPCs, and more than a hundred magical items. The pack also adds an 800 by 600 resolution option to make better use of larger monitors, as well as a simplified and streamlined interface.

The expansion pack can be played in the middle of a current game, or played after completing the original game, so veterans can use their powerful characters and jump right into the new areas and quests.

Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter is now available in stores, for the suggested retail price of $29.99.



Date Updated:
March 10th, 2001

Time Updated:
11:41 PM


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