Fan Fiction Update

Welcome back one and all! Dancin' Homer here, returning from an undesired vacation that lasted far too long. First there was a complete lack of fan fics, and then as soon as they start coming in the site gets angry, but enough is enough! It's updatin' time.

Our first offering to the public comes from reader Akia Starfrost. Delicate Chemistry is a Star Ocean 2 fic starring Claude, Leon, and company, lost in the wilderness. It's a nice little tale of friendship that you can check out here.

Next up is Captain Peri's Final Fantasy VIII continuation entitled PuPu's Saga. It's unfinished so far, but it's turning out very well and I look forward to the rest of what he promises to be an unbearably long fan fic. Click here to read it.

Okay, two things. First, I do remember that I promised a Secret of Mana fic from Crono Strife. Don't worry; The Last Battle shall be up next update. Second, I also mentioned a change in policy. In short, I'm going to stop updating fics in pieces. From this day forward, I shall not do another update until I've completely posted all of every partially posted fic that I have on my hard drive at the moment, 100+ pages or not! For you, this means fewer but fuller fics. For me, it means one less headache to deal with and a much more crowded mailbox. Also, I'll include links to all fics completed between updates for easy access.

Well, that settles this update. Tune in next time for some postponed Secret of Mana joy as well as another fic that I'll randomly pick from my bloated To Do pile. Until then, go easy on the new fics. You don't call yourself Homer for liking hard work (Just kidding... sort of).

Date Updated:
March 8th, 2001

Time Updated:
8:13 PM

Dancin' Homer