Hoshigami US Bound

Hoshigami: Ruining Blue Earth, the oft delayed Japanese strategy RPG, will be seeing a release in the states thanks to Atlus. Atlus has announced a tentative release date of sometime this fall and a price point of $49.99. Working Designs, publishers of the Lunar series in the US, was rumored to also be involved in bidding on Hoshigami, but ultimately the game was licensed to Atlus.

Hunter X Hunter: Determination will be released for the WonderSwan Color on April 26th for 4500 yen ($37.59 USD) in Japan. There are four stories found in the game, based on the popular anime series.

Lufia: The Legend Returns will be seeing a US release sometime this spring for the GameBoy Color. The game is a sequel to the SNES RPGs.

El Dorado Gate Vol. 4 is due out in Japan on April 4th at 2800 yen ($23.39 US). Three new chapters will be included. Chapter nine will concern a 12 year old girl, Mima, who is inflicted with a strange disease. A fairy will help her defeat monsters in her quest to cure her illness, and she will discover a power inside herself. Mamma, the main character of chapter 10, receives a request from Alain during training to help out Pamela. Both join a fighting tournament. Finally, chapter 11 is about the holy knight Gigi. After finishing up a mission, she beings to question her own destiny and the fate of the planet. Also new in this volume of El Dorado Gate is a Music Mode, where you can listen to music from the game.

Exodus Guilty is on schedule for a Japanese release in May for the Dreamcast. The game takes place in Southern Europe, and concerns you traveling through the past, present, and future to solve the story's mysteries. The Dreamcast version will be improved over the PlayStation with high res graphics, more voice acting, and new CG scenes.

Enix has received 1.2 million pre-orders for Dragon Quest Monsters 2: Mysterious Key of Martha - Journey of Ruka for the GameBoy Color. The game is due out March 20th. Another 1.2 million copies are expected for Dragon Quest Monsters 2: Mysterious Key of Martha - Adventure of Iru. The second volume was delayed until April 9th because each title is retailing for 6400 yen ($53.46 US), and Enix took into account most children can't afford both games at the same time. Awwww, how sweet!


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Date Updated:
March 8th, 2001

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2:28 PM

Sumire Kanzaki