Every Genso Suikoden Soundtrack, and More!

Ok, we'll start with the pressing news.

It has been reported on other sites that there is a poll going on at Square's Japanese website ( to decide what the second vocal track on Final Fantasy X will be. The song will be any melody from any other Final Fantasy, with exception to "Melodies of Life" and "Eyes on Me", which were vocals to begin with. Most sites have also reported, however, that only people residing in Japan could vote. This is untrue. Here is the procedure for voting (thanks to Ichiban for the translation):

- The actual voting page is

- The area at the top is the list of soundtracks and then songs to choose from. For English tracklists, check through our Soundtracks section (we have the tracklists for every CD except Final Fantasy IX OST PLUS).

- The next area is an area to explain the reason you picked the song (you can only choose one song).

- Next, fill in your name. The boxes to the right are to choose male (left) or female (right).

- The next spot in which you choose a category is for occupation. They are (from top to bottom): elementary school, junior high, high school, college, company worker, self-employed, other.

- Next spot is for your e-mail address. The radio buttons to click on are to answer the question "can we send information to this address?" choose Yes (left) or No (right).

- The last area is for your complete address. The first two boxes are for a Japanese postal code. If you don't live in Japan (and if you're reading this, you probably don't) fill in each box complete with 0's (000-0000). Then in the box below, fill in your address including country.

- The bottom buttons are (in order): Submit, reset, return.

We are not sure at this time whether Square will bring this contest to a North American website or just in case, make your opinion count with these new directions. As an editorial from myself, I suggest you choose something from Final Fantasy VII, since every other FF has received at least one vocal in some fashion (I-VI had the vocal CDs "Pray" and "Love Will Grow"...VIII and IX have their theme songs...And I don't think "One-Winged Angel" counts as a vocal for VII).

Now, to the soundtrack update!!! (in Marv Albert voice) YES!!!!

At this moment, there are a total of four (or five, depending on how you purchase the packaging) soundtracks in the Genso Suikoden series. Here are the descriptions of each, along with who reviewed them.

Genso Suikoden OST - The two-disc soundtrack that started the series off with a great musical start! Reviewed by myself.
Genso Suikoden II OST Complete - This soundtrack came in two different types of packaging, but alltogether adds up to four discs (which is phenomenal, given that the game was only one disc). Reviewed by myself.
Genso Suikoden II: Orrizonte - This arranged CD features a style similar to Xenogears: CREID, partly because many of the performers/arrangers worked on both CDs. Reviewed by myself.
Genso-SuikoGaiden OST Vol. 1: Swordsman of Harmonia - Reviewed by newbie-reader-reviewer Dreamweaver, this is a two-disc soundtrack to a text-adventure-RPG side-story of the Suikoden series. Features mostly higher-quality songs from Genso Suikoden II, as well as a couple of new tracks.

Click on the related links "RPGFan Soundtracks" to the right to check out these reviews!

As with all other updates, I remind you that the soundtracks section benefits greatly from the input of reader-reviewers. So, if you have some awesome/rare soundtracks that you'd like to review, drop me an e-mail. Remember, only soundtracks we haven't reviewed yet!

The next update will either feature more Falcom, music from Yoko Kanno, or some much-needed Square soundtrack reviews (Final Fantasy IX OST Plus and Piano Collection come to mind...). ;)

Until then!

Date Updated:
March 3rd, 2001

Time Updated:
10:47 AM


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