New Final Fantasy Music Collection

Square will be releasing a new Final Fantasy cd, titled Potion: Relaxin' with Final Fantasy on February 21st, for 2345 yen ($20.41 US). The cd will feature seventeen songs from Final Fantasy III through VIII. The track list will be as follows:

1. Tina (FFVI Piano Collection)
2. Kids Run Through the City (FFVI Piano Collection)
3. Water Maiden of the Eternity Shrine of Wind (Final Fantasy III)
4. Melody of Lute (FFIV: Celtic Moon)
5. Eyes on Me (FFVIII Piano Collection)
6. Tenderness in the Air (FFV Piano Collection)
7. Fragments of Memories (FFVIII: Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec)
8. Main Theme (FFIV Piano Collection)
9. Balamb Garden Ami (FF8: Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec)
10: Lenna's Theme (FFV: Dear Friends)
11. The Successor (FFVIII Piano Collection)
12. Music Box (FFV: Dear Friends)
13. Theme of Love (FFIV Piano Collection)
14. Air Squirrel Theme (FFVII: Reunion Tracks)
15. Welcome to Our Town (FFIV Piano Collection)
16. Rydia (FFIV: Celtic Moon)
17. To My Dear Friends (Affection)

New information has surfaced on the next installment of Shenmue. As the game takes place in Hong Kong, several landmarks and areas have been accurately reproduced, such as Aberdeen, Wanchai, Kowloon, and the Judas Tree. Shenmue II will also introduce some new characters, such as the nature-loving, albeit mysteriously powerful Reishenfa; Koushuuei; Joy, a girl with a love for motorcycles; Kunfammei, a fifteen year old girl who lives and works in a temple; and the street gangster Renuuin. Unlike Shenmue's single chapter, Shenmue II will contain four.

New gameplay details have been revealed on the oft delayed GameBoy Color The Legend of Zelda: The Mystical Acorn. The game will come in two chapters, Time & Space and Chapter of Earth. Link will be able to use the Rod of the Four Seasons in the Chapter of Earth to change the seasons to solve the game's many puzzles, such as freezing a river. Other new items will include a slingshot, magnet glove, and shovel. You can also ride on a variety of animals such as bears, a kangaroo, and even a whale. In the Chapter of Time & Space, Link will use a harp to travel back and forth in time. Both chapters of the game are due for a Japanese release on February 27th, for 3800 yen ($33.07 US) each. No US release date has been announced yet.

Enix will be releasing the GameBoy Color RPG Dragon Quest Monsters 2: Mysterious Key of Martha ~ Ruka's Journey on March 9th. The second volume, Dragon Quest Monsters 2: Mysterious Key of Martha ~ Adventure of Iru will release on April 12th. Both will retail for 6400 yen ($55.70 US) each and feature monsters exclusive to each version. Much like Pokemon, the only way to "collect them all" is by trading with a friend.

Kobi has a new Dreamcast detective adventure game scheduled for a June release in Japan. Kaen Seibo: The Virgin on Megiddo challenges your character, an amateur detective, to go undercover as a high school student to search for evidence. And yes, you'll be able to date your classmates.

Yet another entry into the realm of dating/simulation/adventure games is Aquaplus' Comic Party. You play a high school student who is an aspiring manga (comic) artist, with the goal of becoming the winner of a monthly illustration competition. During the course of the story, you will meet female models and invite them to model for your illustration book...and yes, you can date them. As your reputation grows, the more money you will earn. Comic Party will see a late spring release in Japan.

In more price dropping Sega news, the Sakura Taisen Dreamcast will be seeing a cut, from 25800 yen ($224.54 US) to 14800 yen ($128.80 US). This system includes the console, controller, VMU, and some special Sakura Taisen software. Considering I was this close to buying the system for $350 in New York City, this console should now be a must have for all Sakura Taisen fans.

Enterbrain's PlayStation strategy RPG, Emblem Saga, has been delayed from March 29th to May 24th in Japan. The reason given is to improve the game quality and add more scenarios to the game.


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February 8th, 2001

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