Eight Classic Falcom Soundtracks!

Today's Falcom update covers a spectrum of awesome soundtracks, released over various years, for various games, with various musical styles. Four reviews come from me, and the other four come from reader-reviewer Chudah.

Here are the soundtracks I reviewed, with a brief description:

Falcom JDK Band 4: Ys IV vs The Legend of Xanadu - This high-quality synth rock CD features twelve tracks of fast-paced music.
PrePrimer - Michio Fujisawa again shows off his awesome "New Age" style with great tracks from Ys, Dragon Slayer, and more! Features pianos, violins, violas, and cellos.
Perfect Collection Ys - "The definitive Falcom soundtrack". If you've ever heard anyone brag about Falcom music, it's probably because of the trademark "Perfect Collection".
Ys IV JDK Special - Not the best quality in arrangement; better to think of this as the OST Ys IV never had. Still, this is a quality Falcom soundtrack.

Chudah's thorough reviews include:

Feena~Shoko Minami - Ten awesome vocal tracks from one of Falcom's most talented vocalists. This CD has music found on no other CD (except for two tracks that managed to make it on Falcom Vocal Collection IV). I personally think this is the best Falcom vocal CD in existence.
Music From Legend of Xanadu II - A 2-disc OST that is highly underestimated. The first disc is the mediocre OST synth, the second disc features BETTER synth from the game's cutscene-music, and then five awesome JDK Band tracks at the end (comparable to the music in Falcom JDK Band 4).
Perfect Collection Ys IV Vol. 3 - The last of three volumes in the final Perfect Collection Falcom ever released. Fans and critics agree, Falcom doesn't get better than this.
Ys V Image Album - A hodge-podge CD featuring OST tracks (found on Music From Ys V), then some JDK Band tracks and a vocal (with a karaoke track counterpart) found nowhere else. Not exactly rare, and not the best music you've ever heard...But it's one of only three soundtracks Ys V had...As compared to earlier Ys games that usually had 8 or more soundtracks to squeeze out every different little arrangement they could get.

So, there they are. Eight Falcom soundtracks that cannot and will not be ignored! Click here to see the reviews!

I know, I know. I said this update, along with many others, would come in January, and it's already February. We have had some difficulties with the soundtracks section, but as for now we will continue as always. The next update will probably be the long-coming Genso Suikoden update, which will have every soundtrack from the series up to this point reviewed.

The next Falcom update (though it will probably be awhile until we have one) will probably feature these soundtracks:

Perfect Collection Dragon Slayer~The Legend of Heroes
Falcom Neo Classic
Falcom Vocal Collection I
Legend of Heroes III JDK Special (both volumes 1 and 2)
Ys Piano Collection
Ys III JDK Special
...and possibly some new soundtracks from Falcom Millenium Series 3 (such as the Ys I & II Eternal OST).

Hope to see you again! Remember, if you have a soundtrack you'd like to review and we don't have it reviewed, just drop me an e-mail sometime, alright?

The source below is being thanked for the countless number of translated tracklists we have been permitted to use for the site. Thank you, Kuno!


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February 3rd, 2001

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