RPG Maker Move Over!

Remember way back when creating an RPG took extensive knowledge of code that took months to learn and years to master? Well…it still does, but at least now you can create commercial quality RPGs with barely any coding knowledge at all.
RPG Maker aside, there is now a gaming engine with the potential to blow all other engines out of the water. Instead of coding everything in a complex language, users of this new engine can now point, click, and drag everything into place to make a perfectly coded RPG simply and professionally.
This new magical game engine, published by Ambrosia and developed by Beenox, is entitled Coldstone. As for now, it seems to provide tools that go above and beyond the basic tools found in most current create-your-own-RPG programs. Users can customize and create literally everything within their own RPG, with virtually no bounds. Sound, images, and movie files are easily manipulated within the game with a variety of tools included in Coldstone. In addition to the ability to create everything from scratch, users will have access to a variety of templates which can be modified whenever desired. You can create beautifully animated characters, with which the engine will render seamlessly into your world along with complex scenic animations such as trees blowing in the wind, or even the methodic movement of the tides. While things such as these may take hours to code manually, you can literally accomplish a variety of wonderful effects in just a few seconds using Coldstone's engine. While most RPG game engines have limited the users to poor sound effects and graphical eyesores, it seems Coldstone may provide a quick and easy way to create marvels in both areas, allowing for an incredibly realistic game never before provided to consumers.

After compiling your stunning music effects, breathtaking graphical wonders, and epic storyline, complete with realistically developed characters, you will be left with a final product that is a stand alone, professional-level application that can run on both Macintosh and Windows operating systems, a feature that will be welcomed by any user.

Coldstone is currently planned to have a release on both Macintosh and Windows, and an exact release date is currently unknown. If anyone is eager to get their hands on such a feasible option for creating their own RPG, both professional looking and smooth running, Coldstone may provide everything they have been looking for.

And for those of you who can’t wait, we have a nice selection of 19 Coldstone screen shots that you may find particularly enjoyable. Included are a few shots of the menu system in this engine in order for you to get a feel for how Coldstone will be set up. Also, there are a few examples of what a game you create may look like, complete with character and scenery design for those of you still skeptical of Coldstone's power.



Date Updated:
January 24th, 2001

Time Updated:
4:24 PM

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