Editor Review Update

Well, looks like I'm back. How d'ya like the new format, eh? Pretty snazzy, I think. Changed all the reviews over by myself. Worked 3 straight days at it, but at least I got it done before school started. I'm sure you all really care. In any case, we've got lots and lots of happy reviews today from our spiffy editors, so let's begin.

First up we have Parn's review of that highly anticipated Dreamcast game, you know it, you want it, we're talking about Phantasy Star Online. Parn liked it, and it has more vitamin B1 than previous Phantasy Star titles. Check out the review here.

Next we've got editor Shiguma's review of an oldie but goody, Nihon Falcom's Falcom Classics II. It's nice to have a review of this game back up, eh? In any case, take a look at it here.

Third in the lineup is Dancin' Homer's review of Shadowrun for the Genesis. I love this game and am so happy to finally have a review of it (and a good one at that) up on the site. Go read it here.

Finally we've got a review of Atlus' poke-esque Game Boy Color title, Robopon written by Stahn Mahn. He... didn't like it... at all... we're talking Master of Monsters dislike... well, okay, not THAT bad, but close. Check out the review here.

That wraps it up for this time reviewniks. Changes will be continuing with the review section, mostly in terms of the system main pages, but other than that everything should be fine. Until next time, have a pleasant day.

Date Updated:
January 21st, 2001

Time Updated:
8:47 PM

Sensei Phoenix