Dark Age of Camelot Appears Promising

Conceived and developed by Mythic Entertainment comes a new massively multiplayer online-role playing game (MMORPG) called Dark Age of Camelot. Players enter a world of pure chaos caused by the death of King Arthur where peace has been negated, and dark powers threaten to ravage the kingdom. Players have the choice to play any one of the three civilizations striving to become the top civilization in the world: the Britons, the Celts, or the Norse. Unlike most RPGs where the player's focus is to kill NPC monsters, the primary objective is now to kill other players who are members of the opposing kingdoms.

Dark Age of Camelot attempts to thwart all the rules in previous MMORPGs and rewrite the entire system, not only in the sense of pitting player versus player, but also by utilizing a different death system. As opposed to other games where you can face massive losses after a death, anywhere from tons of experience points, to coffers full of gold or packs full of nice equipment, Dark Age of Camelot hits you with only a minimal experience penalty and a small constitution loss. When a player dies, a grave is erected where you were killed. You must return to the grave and pray, and in doing so, regain half the experience you had lost. If you do not return to the site of your death, the experience is forever lost until you can re-accumulate it from other victorious battles.

A beta-tester at CamelotHQ has been providing exciting previews, with each one being more enticing then the last. Quoted from the most recent review, the beta-tester says that he:

"Think[s] one of the best things in [Dark Age of Camelot] is that there is very little downtime which leaves a LOT more time for playing and having fun! I have never been in a group at any level that I can remember where we have had to wait more than 90 seconds before being able to fight another mob, with or without a cleric in the group. This to me is amazing. I play [Dark Age of Camelot] to have fun and I get to have fun playing the whole time! No more just sitting on my butt staring at a spell book for 10 minutes like I did in [another MMORPG], I can actually play [Dark Age of Camelot] and have a good time!"

If this new game is all the beta-tester cracks it up to be, it seems that Mythic Entertainment might be able to take center stage when it comes to this genre.

Make sure to visit Dark Age of Camelot's website at if you are interesting in participating in the next round of beta testing. Development Beta 3 is supposed to start sometime in early 2001, and applications will be available on their website for all those who are willing to participate.

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January 17th, 2001

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