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A massively multiplayer online RPG, similar to games such as EverQuest, is currently in development by gaming company Micro Forté. One of the oldest game companies in Australia, having been founded in 1985, Micro Forté is hoping to introduce its game, entitled BigWorld: Citizen Zero, to an eagerly awaiting world. BigWorld utilizes third-person perspective and takes place in a futuristic colony where you play a citizen with an erased memory. Containing three separate worlds with a variety of different environments, BigWorld allows players to live their character's life any way they see fit. If this RPG is able to do all that it says, it could cause millions to stay glued to their computers for hours in awe at this wonderful title. The expected release date is somewhere in the fourth quarter of 2001.

In addition, Bethesda Softworks is publishing a sequel to Magic & Mayhem, released in 1999. While Mythos Games developed the original Magic & Mayhem, the task has now been handed to Charybdis, since Mythos Gamesí responsibilities lie elsewhere. Entitled Magic & Mayhem: The Art of Magic, Charybdisís sequel is basically an expanded version of the original packed with a breathtaking new 3D engine as well as a more involved campaign. Thanks to technological advances since the first Magic & Mayhem, the entire sequel has been rendered in 3D and embedded with some spectacular special effects. The idea behind the entire Magic & Mayhem series is to control a wizard and manage a variety of spells in order to vanquish your opponents. As you advance, you gain the ability to increase your health, mana, and spellcasting abilities. You can play a solo campaign mode, where you seek to interact with characters to advance the story, or a multiplayer mode, where you will be locked in combat with another player. Planned for a release in the first quarter of 2001, this strategy title looks to be a real winner.

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