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The vocalist for the Final Fantasy X theme song has been announced; after Faye Wong and Emiko Shiratori, it's now Rikki, a twenty-five year old pop singer who hails from the Amami Islands (southern Japan). The title or lyrics of the song have yet to be announced, though.

We were telling you no sooner than yesterday about the newly-revealed release date for Sakura Taisen 3, conjecturing that a limited edition, while not announced yet, was very likely. Well, today not only one but two limited editions have been announced! The A set will have a specially made music box, while the B set will come with a VMS. Both will retail for 9,800 yen (about $93) and will be available on March 22nd. The price for the regular edition is 7,800 yen.

A new Love Hina game has been announced for the Dreamcast. The new game adaptation of the popular manga will be entitled Love Hina: Smile Again and should be released on March 29th. A limited edition will be available for 8,800 yen.

The two Game Boy Color Zelda games, after numerous delays, have finally received release dates! Both Legend of Zelda - Mysterious Tree Seed: Chapter of Earth and Chapter of Time will become available on February 27th and will retail for 3,800 yen each.

NEC Interchannel is going to re-release their popular Saturn dating sim Sentimental Graffiti for the Playstation in March, for 5,800 yen. Concurrently, a new SG game, also for the Playstation, named Sentimental Graffiti ~ Promise ~, will be released and retail for only 3,800 yen. Further details about this new title are not known yet but it may be only a fandisc, given its rather low price.

When Square first announced Final Fantasy IX, they also decided on a novel policy of forbidding the publishing of any guide books or walkthroughs in magazines (even though fan-made online walkthroughs have been ubiquitous). Well, as promised, Square is now allowing walkthroughs for Final Fantasy IX, and even better, has opened a huge walkthrough section on their PlayOnline site, called Online Ultimania, referring to the Ultimania, extensive guide books on previous Square games (FFVIII, Chrono Cross, Legend of Mana...). Right now it's all in Japanese, but it's accessible to all! You can check out the FFIX Online Ultimania here.


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Date Updated:
January 5th, 2001

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