PS2 Pre-Launch Sneak Peek

October 26th, 2000 will be a special day for Sony and many fans alike. Despite the shortage of units shipping this Thursday, the launch will at the very least be a starting point for Sony's American attempt at next-generation video gaming. They will join Sega Dreamcast as only the second 128-bit console on the market and make its debut with a hefty collection of launch titles.

Tonight we bring you an extensive picture collection of all four RPG launch titles, including our first English screens of Eternal Ring and Evergrace so those who wish to purchase an RPG at launch can take a better look at what's available. So, browse the following links to view our latest PS2 pictures:

Eternal Ring - 33 screen shots, 1 magazine ad, and the U.S. packaging.

Evergrace - 21 screen shots, 1 magazine ad, and the U.S. packaging.

Orphen: Scion of Sorcery - High quality front and back U.S. packaging scans, plus the Japanese packaging too!

Summoner - A fold-out magazine ad from IGN PS2.

These titles should be in stores very soon, if they aren't there already. And in case you missed it, check our our PS2 RPG poll, already in progress!

Date Updated:
October 24th, 2000

Time Updated:
8:27 PM

Stahn Mahn