Autumn Ads

It's that time again RPG fans! Fall is upon us and that means more games in three months that warrant purchase than there was in the last nine. And with more games being released, that means more advertising. We've got five new ads for you, which I'll be presenting in chronological order:

First is a double-page ad for Square's recently released Parasite Eve II, featuring a design very similar to the back of the game's package.

October brings new the N64 it's first true RPG, thanks to Atlus. Ogre Battle 64 is set to finally be released within the next two weeks. Check out the ad here.

Smalltime RPG maker Namco plans to release it's first stateside RPG since last year's Tales of Destiny, a 3D action RPG by the name of Dragon Valor. That ad can be seen here.

November promises to be a busy month indeed, for all four of the major systems. The N64's big RPG, The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, will be released October 26. The game's darker tone and interesting-yet-odd premise is represented well in the game's two-page ad.

Sega's long-awaited Shen Mue will finally be released to the American public November 11. To promote it is a three page ad, which uses a highly simplistic approach, and gets the point across with a mere two words.

Square's juggernaut RPG series closes its final PlayStation chapter in what many feel to be the best in the series thus far, with Final Fantasy IX. Taking a simple approach like Shen Mue, FFIX's ad is nothing more than a picture with a single word. Final Fantasy IX is due for a mid-November release.

Tonight's final ad is a two-page ad for Game Arts and Ubi Soft's answer to many a Dreamcast owner's prayers, Grandia II, due in December.

That wraps up tonight's ad update. Many more RPGs are scheduled to be released this holiday season however, so there's more ads to come. Until then, this editor recommends tuning in to the season premiere of Roswell this Monday at 8 pm on the WB.

Date Updated:
October 1st, 2000

Time Updated:
12:59 AM

The Chronologist

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