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Oy, what a night! Wound up going out to TGIF with some friends of mine, and then proceeded to drink my first mudslide (okay, yeah, I'm a wimp, it tasted good, okay?). Well, I managed to stay sober while they all drank the night away, but man, nobody parties like Indians! Anyway, even a pretend hangover can't stop me from posting the reviews, so let's take the cotton balls out of my mouth and begin!

First up we have ole brudda Dancin' Homer who brings us his review of that Konami PSX classic, Azure Dreams. Read all about it here.

Next up in our cavalcade of reviewness is Odin's review of Game Arts/Sony's much acclaimed (and defamed in this case) Grandia. Now, you all know how I feel about Grandia reviews, so you should also know that I thought his was good and, gasp, different from all the rest, so you should probably check it out. It lives here.

So now what's next, eh? I'll tell you what's next: Sweedish people! Well, one Sweedish person, reader Eshegnev (say that three times fast if you don't speak the language!) with his review of two pretty disparate titles made by Konami. Number one is of that old school RPG, Suikoden, which you can find here, and number two is of that old school strategy RPG, Vandal Hearts which you can find here. See, I love the fact that the review section brings people from foreign lands together in harmony.

Anyway, rounding out the mix is Sir Samus with his review of Contrail's very popular sequel as of late, Wild Arms 2nd Ignition. Yeah, yeah, we get a lot of em, but this one is good too and it's been waiting longer than any other review I have, so badda boom, badda bing, badda here.

Okay, well now I'm gonna go try and find buddies to go to the beach. Next time we'll have some newer reviews from editors and then start alllll over again with some really old ones. Hey, it's a living. Till then!

Date Updated:
August 20th, 2000

Time Updated:
8:36 AM

Sensei Phoenix