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Unveiled a week ago at GenCon, Interactive Imagination has big plans for their new franchise, Magi-Nation. Formed from former Nintendo of America and SquareSoft employees, Interactive Imaginations' Magi-Nation RPGs for both the Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance are due out in the coming months, as well as a Wizards of the Coast card game and various books. In Magi-Nation for the GBC, you play as a young boy transported into the world of Magi-Nation. Your task is to defeat the Shadow Magi using summoned 'dream creatures.' Magi-Nation for the Game Boy Color is due for late in the year. The Game Boy Advance version should be released in the spring of 2001.

In addition to working on Momotarou Matsuri for the Gameboy Advance, Hudson Soft is also at work on Legend of Momotarou One to Two for Gameboy Color. Apparently both games will merge in storyline.

Druaga ~ Attack COM Dungeons, a sequel to the classic action RPG Tower of Druaga, is being developed by Namco. The sequel will be in the same vein as the original, with summon magic being added.

NEC Interchannel has announced a new Dreamcast love adventure game being developed by Sims, creators of Echelon Moonlight Night. Harusame Youbi should be released early next year.

For those worried about the Pokemon-esque trend ending, your fears have been alleviated. Atlus is releasing a new Gameboy Color RPG, Robopon: Sun Version in the US this winter. Instead of creatures though, you train robots and upgrade their parts. The game cartridge comes with a built-in speaker and a real time clock, as events are trigged at various times.


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August 19th, 2000

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