Import PSX Review and Retraction

Greetings and salivations my good review fans! What a night! Rained all yesterday then all today it was overcast and cool, just how I like it. Hope it stays that way tomorrow. But for now, we've got a rather hot review for you all, as well as a word from me about an unfortunate mix up we had the other day. Let's get started, shall we?

Reader Shiva Indis brings us a review of Koei's dating sim/RPG entitled Angelique: Tenkuu no Chikonka. The game seems to have a treat for the ladies with lots of hunky anime guys in it. I don't know if you grrrl gamers are into that sort of thing, but I know I am... er... uh, anyway, you can read it here.

Now on to a rather serious matter. The other day I posted up reader Dancin' Homer's review of the Super Famicom game Villgust. Well as it turns out, he didn't quite review the import of the game, but rather the translated ROM and, well didn't give credit where credit was due, namely to the translation group that did the fan translation. John Nobles of Transcore translation group, the group that did the fan translation, brought this to my attention and so I had to take down the review.

This has never been a big problem before, but as more and more older Super Famicom titles get translated by fans, people are going to play them and, as is their wont, review them. In order to avoid problems of plagarism and other such nasties, it is now RPGFan's official policy (or at least the policy of the review section) that if you review an import game, it must be of the game itself and not a translation. My appologies to Mr. Noble and Transcore translation group for the error (and hey, some free publicity, eh?)

Next time we'll have Commodore Wheeler's review of Wild ARMS 2 which I suggest you all read when I post it (apparently it's actually time-sensitive). Till then my little review kitties, be gooooood.

Date Updated:
August 13th, 2000

Time Updated:
8:30 PM

Sensei Phoenix