Wednesday News

Alpha System and Kadokawa/ESP have recently announced a new PS2 RPG called Abarenbou Princess (Impetuous Princess). Developed by Alpha System with the collaboration of Kadokawa and ESP, written by Shouji Masuda (who worked on Linda³ Again), with character design by Kohime Ouse (Marie no Atelier, Kouklo Theatro), the game has yet to get a release date. Alpha System has started an advertisement campaign, opened an official site, and will make online announcements about the game on May 26th. Not much is known about the game right now, except for the character designs. You can check them out here, and we also have a wallpaper design here!

After numerous delays, Dragon Quest VII: Warriors of Eden finally got a release date, August 26th. First announced in May of 1998, the game was originally supposed to be released in the summer of 1999. It got delayed to December 29th in October, to later get a vague purported release in "this winter". The last announcement claimed that it would be released "by the end of May", until yesterday it was delayed for the 4th time, to August 26th. Dragon Quest VII will be a two-CD game and will retail at a price of 7,800 yen.

Its number 1 rival, Final Fantasy IX, is still supposed to be released on July 19th. Sources claim that the game will be a four-CD game, with a price of 7,800 yen.

Konami is developing a sequel to their GameBoy Color adventure RPG Survival Kids. It's not known yet whether Survival Kids 2: Escape! Twin islands will make it to the US, but it's being released on July 19th for 4,500 yen in Japan.

Pokémon Gold/Silver finally got a North American release date. It should hit US shores on October 16th. Pokémon Gold and Silver came out on November 21st, 1999 in Japan and have sold over 5,270,000 copies as of April 16th.

Banpresto's greatly anticipated Super Robot Taisen Alpha has been delayed. Originally scheduled for a May 25th release for the Playstation, the game should now be out sometime in August, for a price of 6980 yen. The Dreamcast version should be released in August as well.



Date Updated:
May 10th, 2000

Time Updated:
11:30 PM


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