Quick Dreamcast News

First up is Global A's title, Innocent Tears. This game is basically a strategy RPG in the vein of Black Matrix Advanced. The storyline has a similar premise in that it focuses on a war between two groups of winged angels, one of them being dark. The major difference is that this game takes place in a future version of Tokyo. The battles will also be fully 3-D, with up to five player characters in a fight at any given time. Innocent Tears is scheduled for a spring 2000 release in Japan.

Next up is Octagon Entertainment's Dreamcast Adventure/RPG, Elric of Melinbone. The game is based on a novel by Micheal Moorcock. It follows the life of an albino sorcerer as he attempts to defend his position as ruler of an empire. This title should make it unto the Dreamcast, as well as the PC by next summer.

Lastly is some news on Sega's often delayed Shen Mue. As has been previously speculated, players will be able to play a few classic Sega arcade games within Shen Mue. Chapter 1 will feature Hang on and Space Harrier. How much of the original games is present is unknown. Besides the arcade mini games, players will also be able to collect figures and souvenirs from "egg machines". These figures can be traded with other players over the internet. What they offer for gameplay, if anything, hasn't been announced yet. Shen Mue will have a lock on system as well. This will activate when interacting with an object. Once in lock on mode, you can do several things with an object, such as searching, reading, opening ect.

Source: Magic Box

Date Updated:
October 28th, 1999

Time Updated:
8:09 PM