Valkyrie Profile Limited Edition

After recently announcing the delay of Valkyrie Profile, Enix is now ready to release two versions of the game.

There will be the standard jewel cased type, as well as a limited edition version. The limited edition version of Valkyrie Profile will come packed in with a pocket watch, a 52 page full color artbook (Yeah!), and an A3 size calendar for the year 2000. The limited edition set will also appear in three different box designs.

The standard version of Valkyrie Profile will cost around 6800 yen ($65), while the limited edition will set you back 9800 yen ($95).

Both versions are still on track for a release date on December 9. Collectors will want to snatch up the limited edition right away, before it disappears forever.

Source: Gaming Age

Date Updated:
October 20th, 1999

Time Updated:
11:39 AM


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