Details on Sakura Project 2000 Revealed!

In a press conference today in Japan, RED Co. revealed the details behind Sakura Project 2000 were released. Seiyuu from the games were on hand to present the information to the public.

Chief among this was the announcement of Sakura Taisen 3, to be released this fall for the Dreamcast. A few screenshots were released, including the logo, which includes a wing at the end. The game will take advantage of the DC's VMU. Nothing seemed to point to the rumored internet use (but I could be mistaken). The game's plot is as follows: It's year 15 in the Taisho era.....The Teigeki is ordered to go to France to study under Oogami Ichirou, who defeated some sort of association. Apparently a new evil has surfaced in Paris and five new girls are introduced.

A surprise announcement was the re-releases of Sakura Taisen 1 & 2 for the Dreamcast. No enhancements seem to be have been added, but both take advantage of the VMU. Perhaps they are going to be packaged together.

The Sakura Taisen Game Boy game was FINALLY shown. The game supports Game Boy Color and retains the look and feel of the game.

A new spin-off game was also shown, called Shonen Red, which is based on the radio play from Sakura Taisen 2.

New pictures were shown of Hanagumi Columns for Dreamcast.

Many other products were announced. New drama CDs or tapes will be released, featuring the live action Sakura Taisen performances. A new fan disc for the Dreamcast will also be available, featuring pictures of the seiyuu in character.

Clips were played of the new Sakura Taisen OAV series, set for release this December in Japan.

Also of importance, especially for those soon to be wed ST fans, a new bridal line was shown by Yumi Katsura, which was inspired by Sakura Shinguuji from Sakura Taisen. ^_~

And yes, I stayed up until 6 in the morning EST for this press conference. ^^

Source: E-Sekai

Date Updated:
October 18th, 1999

Time Updated:
4:56 AM

Sumire Kanzaki

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