Interview with Chunsoft Over Development of New N64 Action RPG!

Shiren of the Coming Wind 64(Tentative Title)

Shiren of the Coming Wind GB2(Tentative Title)

I know that most of you are not well acquainted with Chunsoft, but this is the same company that has been working on the Dragon Quest Characters series, the most recently being Tolneko's Great Adventure 2, which has gotten rave reviews all over Japan. This time, they will be working on 2 sequels to their popular Mysterious Dungeon Series for the N64 and Gameboy, effective raising N64's RPG Library by more than 20%! Without much further ado, here's the Interview!

Famitsuu: We've finally seemed to have reached the time for the Shiren series for both the N64 and Gameboy. So I guess its back to crazy developing again! *laughs*.

Chunsoft: *laughs*

Famitsuu: Up to now in the Shiren series, we've had things like regular dungeons and trap dungeons, but have there been some type of pattern that these have been following?

Chunsoft: Well, for the Gameboy version of the game, we're limited by the specs of the hardware so it'll mostly be concentrated on the tradational dungeon types, however, with the N64 Version, you can expect more original features to be included.

Famitsuu: More there still a way to make a game like that original?

Chunsoft: Yes, there is.

Famitsuu: Though I really think that the genre has reached it's bottleneck *laughs*.

Chunsoft: Yes, well, thats our job *laughs*.

Famitsuu: I really can't imagine it.

Chunsoft: Well, even Tolneko 2 had it's own share of Originality.

Famitsuu: So there's a challenge in the N64 version of Shiren.

Chunsoft: Yes, you're right. From our point of view, in developing the game so far, it's at about the same level of difficulty as Tolneko 2.

Famitsuu: I see. So in a way you're saying that Tolneko 2 is about as good as Shiren will be?

Chunsoft: I guess you can say so, yes.

Famitsuu: Now this really makes me curious about the development of Shiren.

Chunsoft: Well, thats a bit *laughs*.

Famitsuu: Will it be completely different from the previous games of Shiren?

Chunsoft: No, not at all.

Famitsuu: The Characters are the same?

Chunsoft: Characters are the same.

Famitsuu: Will it have expansive and trap filled dungeons?


Famitsuu: No Way!! So that's what you've changed. To have a game without any of those.

Chunsoft: None at all. We're thinking of a new factor to become a part of the new game core. I think we can add such dungeons after that *laughs*.

Famitsuu: And that's where you come in!

Chunsoft: *laughs*.

Famitsuu: Add it in after the core...*sigh*.
Chunsoft: Though it'll be nice if we can add it in.

Famitsuu: *laughs* Then how about something that is completely new in the game?

Chunsoft: Hmmm, well about the new game core, unlike the previous game which was filled with various types of dungeons, this time there will be something "Like This".

Famitsuu: Hey, did I see you making gestures of 2 different things while you were saying "Like This"?

Chunsoft: Of course not *laughs*!

Famitsuu: How about just one thing, it can be anything about the game, just tell me one thing about the game.

Chunsoft: Hmmm....

Famitsuu: I mean, whats the big deal?

Chunsoft: I wonder how much I'm allowed to say...

Famitsuu: Can't you say something about the game first?

Ao: Hey boss, he's gonna get killed if he says anything.

Famitsuu: Ah you weakling. One things is OK. IT'S OK!

Chunsoft: Hmm..Well, in this game, we have something called the Decoy system.

Famitsuu: Decoy!? You mean Decoy as in...DECOY?

Chunsoft: Uh huh, correct. And, with that, well, lots of things.

Famitsuu: I don't get it at all *laughs*. So Decoys in a dungeon, so are saying that there are decoys set about in a dungeon?

Ao: Boss, calm down.

Famitsuu: Coward! You have to take it and make it your own.

Chunsoft: ...that may be possible. And....maybe not *laughs*

Famitsuu: ....Umm, you know about interviews?

Ao: Don't take us on a ride

Famitsuu: Even if it's nothing important, tell us. Like that comment on the Decoy system.

Ao: All the Shiren fans will start thinking all sorts of stuff just from that comment alone.

Famitsuu: Like you know how they'd think Ao?

Ao: ...don't make fun of me.

Famitsuu: ....umm getting back on topic. How about a comment on the game?

Chunsoft: Well, it's not about the system but rather a design ...but I wonder if it's ok if I tell this?*laughs*

Famitsuu: Of course! We'll forget all about it! Right everyone?

Ao: You're so reckless Boss.

Chunsoft: One of the main points of this version of Shiren is to design a Castle.

Boss,Ao: A Castle!!

Chunsoft: And thats all I can say!!

Boss: ......did we do ok?

Ao: so.

Date Updated:
October 4th, 1999

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8:24 PM

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