Koudelka Gameplay Info

As one of the new 'Horror' RPG's that will be available on the Playstation, Koudelka has sparked some interest from American importers in the game and it wasn't until recently that we had some idea how the game itself will actually play out.

First is that the battle field will be done in full 3D, on a 5x7 Grid. You will be able to choose 2 commands each turn and and it will play pretty much the same as as the Tactics Ogre (and Final Fantasy Tactics) system of battle, except that all characters are rendered in 3D.

Each time you level up, you will receive a certain amount of bonus points with which you can improve your stats, a la Diablo. Want to get stronger? Pump it up all on your STR stats, or you can go for the balanced approach, raising all of your stats a little at a time.

There are 4 basic types of weapons that will be available during the course of the game. They are the Battle Axe, Bow Gun, the Gauntlets, and of course, the Sword.

An interesting part of this is that the more you use a weapon, the more proficient you will get with it (similar to the system used in Grandia) and you will have a separate Weapons level for each type of weapon. As you become better at the use of a weapon, not only will you do more damage but you will also gain access to more skills as well.

The Magic system works in a similar fashion. Each magic will power up as you use it and it is possible for the Spell effects to differ as you become more powerful in the black arts.

Perhaps the most unique thing about this game is the fact that neither Weapon nor Item shops exist in this game. Any item you receive will solely depend on the items that enemies drop when you defeat them. This will surely put more emphasis on the battle system and force many players to fight more than they'd wish to in order to be stocked up well enough to continue the game.

Koudelka spans 4 CDs and is set for a Japanese release October 28th. A US release by SNK (also the publisher in Japan) has been rumored.

Date Updated:
October 2nd, 1999

Time Updated:
10:23 PM

WooJin Lee

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