Tribute to Tales of Destiny

One year ago, an RPG from Namco was silently released on the Playstation. It had the simple title of Tales of Destiny. The draw for some gamers was the 2D graphics, the unique story, and the innovative battle system. Others hated this game for its 2D graphics, the unique story, and the innovative battle system. No matter what your personal opinion regarding this game happens to be, it never got a lot of media coverage...until now.

I would be remiss, with the editor name of StahnMahn, if I didn't provide all of the RPG community with tons of media from this game. So, without further ado, here is all the Tales of Destiny media you could ever hope for. Grab a snack, close all other applications, and lock the doors, as I, your host, StahnMahn, will take you to the world of Tales of Destiny and beyond!

For images, we have 62 screen shots, 63 anime screens, 29 pieces of artwork, scanned images of the packaging, and one ad.

For music, we have 15 real audio clips of Tales of Destiny and 4 clips from Tales of Phantasia.

Finally, view all 4 anime videos here!!! Be aware that 3 of the 4 are marginal spoilers!

The Tales series for the U.S. audience ends at this solitary game, but in Japan two versions of Tales of Phantasia (one for Super Famicom and one for Playstation) as well as the upcoming Tales of Eternia makes this series into a trilogy. Will these games come to the U.S.? No word from Namco after repeated attempts to contact them. In my opinon, Tales of Phantasia and Tales of Eternia will probably never make it to the states. Perhaps ToD didn't sell as nicely as they would have hoped and they aren't willing to bring them over. Or maybe Namco of America will now focus on Dreamcast titles. Either way, it all makes me want to call up Working Designs and say, "Hey, I know you're busy with Lunar 2 and Detonator Gauntlet, but could you PLEASE squeeze Tales of Phantasia in your schedule?" ^_^

And on that note, our tribute will come to a close. I hope I have educated those who have never heard of this series and enriched those who have.

Date Updated:
October 2nd, 1999

Time Updated:
8:51 PM

Stahn Mahn

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