Ten New Reviews

Okay review fanatics, here we go again. Been eatin your wheaties? Hope so!

In this corner, we have editor Commodore Wheeler's review of the new title out for Playstation by American based Crave, Shadow Madness. Check it out here. We also have a reader review of Square's ever popular strategy/RPG, Final Fantasy Tactics which can be found here.

Mooooving on, we have a few Saturn titles being reviewed. First on the menu is Commodore Wheeler's review of the NCS strategy title Langrisser V here. Next is new editor WooJin Lee's review of the graphic adventure, Yu-No which you can view here. Commodore Wheeler has really been busy lately at the review mill, so we also have his review of Shining the Holy Ark nestled way over here. And finally, we have up another review of Panzer Dragoon Saga written by reader Zeus, and located here. Who said the Saturn was dead, eh?

Now onto a segment of the RPG population which we don't review that often: PC RPGs! Yes, that's right, the ole computer that you're viewing this update on RIGHT NOW, could perhaps play such titles as Sierra's Return to Krondor, review written by Megid, located here, Megatech Software's slightly Hentai RPG, Knights of Xentar, reviewed by editor Jaime here, or the Korean PC RPG, Rhapsody of Zephyr, reviewed by reader, Lamuness and available for perusal here. Bet you thought that sentence would NEVER end, eh?

Finally, bringing up the rear (and I do mean that figuratively) is reader DaKnight's review of the Sega CD classic, Shining Force CD which you can read all about here.

Before I go, let me say someone sent in reviews of both Final Fantasy 4 hard and easy type, but because of computer problems I lost it. If you're reading this, please send me the review again and I'll post it with the next batch. Gomen nasai, and keep watching the sky!

Date Updated:
July 28th, 1999

Time Updated:
6:03 PM

Sensei Phoenix