Hot FFA Rumor!!!

A few months ago, Square reported that Final Fantasy IV was being removed from Final Fantasy Anthology. This prompted the announcement during E3 that Square would be packaging Final Fantasy Anthology with a music CD containing selected tracks from both games; a move that many say was to make up for the loss of FFIV.

Now, a rumor states that additional improvements may be made to the remaining two games. According to Vincent Procassini who knows a "following programmer" at Square, there are plans to add new 3D rendered movies to both games as well as completely retouching the graphics.

The movies will not replace, but rather supplement the original movies used in the Japanese Final Fantasy Collection. However, they will be of slightly higher quality. No details about the content of these movies are known yet.

The game graphics will supposedly be significantly different with more colors, more detail, and 3D rendering. It is not certain if the environments AND the characters will be in 3D, but it is highly probable.

What's even more interesting is that this project has allegedly been underway since the completion of FFVII and was only briefly halted during part of the work on FFVIII. If this is true, I have no idea how Square kept it quiet this long.

The release of Final Fantasy Anthology has long been set for 4th Quarter 1999, but my source says 1st Quarter 2000 looks like a more feasible date. Could it be possible that a delay will occur because of these huge changes?

Please note that at this time, we have no official word from Square on the accuracy of the above statements. It is still a rumor and it should be treated as such. However, I have been in contact with this person for quite some time and he is a trusted source. Still, RPGFan will try to get official confirmation and post addition information as we get it.

Side note: A "following programmer" as mentioned above is a step below a full-fledged programmer. His/her job is to check over the work done by the programmers and add stuff as necessary.

Also, thanks again to Vincent Procassini for being a faithful RPGFan supporter and taking the time to answer all of questions in order to post the rumor for you.

Date Updated:
July 6th, 1999

Time Updated:
2:49 PM

Stahn Mahn