Lunar Demo Impressions

So far I have played up to the Weird Woods. After the different extra events like the dream Luna had, then the nighttime talking scene between Luna and Alex, I can already tell this is Lunar TSS times 5. I like how they put in a few Eternal Blue songs into the game as well(for those that haven't realized, you can listen to some of the soundtrack by going into the items menu and accessing Alex's ocarina). What ticked me off though was when I didn't save it, and now I'm back at Quarks lair. ;P That's about the only complaint I have, is that there is no longer a checkpoint like the Sega CD versions. And now that I think about it, the import Lunar Eternal Blue Remix does not have it either. I like the new menu systems, which are set up like the 32-bit sequel, Eternal Blue. The graphics, obviously are an improvement over the original TSS, and the anime cutscenes are totally awesome. The music is good, but I haven't decided if I liked the original TSS score or the SSS score better. The battles are fun, and enjoyable, and the dungeons(so far) are fairly challenging, but nothing massively hard(then again, I've only played the White Dragon Cave). The translation in my opinion is great, and the voice acting so far has been pretty good. I'm not as fond of the English intro as I am of the Japanese one, but the English Meribia Boat Song more than makes up for that, as I loved the lyrics and singing in that scene.

Date Updated:
April 21st, 1999

Time Updated:
4:28 PM


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