Lunar: SSS Demo First Impressions

I just picked up my Lunar: SSS demo from Electronics Boutique yesterday, and I've had a chance to pop it in and try it out. I haven't played through most of the demo yet, so my impressions pretty much apply up to the White Dragon cave.

Very little is changed from the Japanese version of the game. The opening FMV is slightly altered in that it starts as a 1/3 screen FMV and expands into a full-screen one about 5 seconds in, whereas the FMV in the Japanese version was full-screen throughout.

The background music during the opening FMV is unaltered musically, but now has English lyrics. I can't comment on the lyrical content, since I didn't pay much attention to either the Japanese lyrics or the ones in the demo. All of the other music in the game seems to be completely unchanged so far.

The translation is excellent (so far), and is arguably WD's best work to date. The dialogue flows extremely well, and it's full of personality and humor. Pop culture jokes seem to be really rare, too; I've only come across one so far, and it's vague enough so that it doesn't have to be interpreted as one.

The save function now recognizes both memory card slots, and there are a lot more save files available in the game.

Everything not mentioned above seems to be exactly the same as the Japanese version of the game. For more details on the Japanese version of the game, check out E-chan's review (or mine). Click here for E-chan's review and here for mine.

Date Updated:
April 18th, 1999

Time Updated:
1:20 PM

Commodore Wheeler

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